Andrea Santiago

The very young first violin, excelled in interpretation.

BIEL FERRER, Reus Digital 15/08/2020

Born in 1998, Andrea starts playing the violin at the age of 8 and at 11 enters to study in the IEA Oriol Martorell School with professor Heriberto Fonseca. She studied the Bachelor degree with professor Vera Martínez Mehner in ESMUC, Barcelona. She is currently studying her master degree with Meesun Hong Colemann in the Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität in Linz.

He has received classes from Agustín Leonara, Sergey Teslya, Daniel Sepec, Heime Müller, Barnabás Kelemen, Barbara Doll, Rainer Schmidt, Natalia Prishepenko and has assisted individually in several international courses like the Meisterkurs of International Richard Sahla Society (2014) with Professor Ingolf Turban, International Course of Music of Vila-Vella (2015) with the first violin of the Munich Philharmonic Iason Keramidis, the Académie de Musique Tibor Varga (2015) and the Blackmore International Music Academy (2016-2017) with Professor Latica Honda- Rosenberg.

She has played with several orchestras JOCG conductor Michal Nesterowicz and Jaime Martin, IRO conductor Sebastian Tewinkel, JONC Alevins (as a concertino in the years 2015-2016) with Juanjo Mena as conductor, JONC with Pablo González, OCP and the OBC with conductor Kazushi Ono. She was chosen to play on a Berliner Philharmoniker’s educational project with members of the orchestra and the conductor Sir Simmon Rattle on May 21, 2018.

She has performed in recitals with musicians like Diana Baker, Fedor Veselov, Amat Santacana and Joan Perarnau.