The Quartet

With exceptional maturity. The Quartet amazed the public, always with great accuracy of intonation, vibrant colours and touching lyricism. 

HUBERT WENDEL, Dernières Nouvelles D’Alsace. La Nef de Wissembourg, 

Based in Barcelona, the Atenea Quartet was founded in 2018 aiming to explore, discover, and give life to the timeless repertoire of the string quartet.

The Quartet has performed all over Catalonia and Spain at venues such as Casa de la Cultura de Girona, L’Atlàntida de Vic, Teatre Grec, sala 4 de L’Auditori de Barcelona,… In addition, they have made several European appearances including performances at the Geneva Radio Concert Hall and the Wissembourg International Music Festival on the 2020 edition.

Atenea Quartet has been awarded with the second prize on the XIV Montserrat Alavedra Chamber Music Competition (celebrated on March 2021) and also has obtained the first prize at the DeltaChamber International Music Competition in 2019. Nowadays the Quartet takes part in the Juventuts Musicals de Catalunya’s and Juventudes Musicales de España’s networks, both of which provide the ensemble with numerous professional recitals and tours throughout Catalonia and Spain.

In 2021 the Quartet has been selected to join Le Dimore del Quartetto’s network.

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